HT/CS Systems

Introducing Hydrotech’s HT/SC (Scalable Container) Systems designed with four main factors in mind: scalability, mobility, serviceability and adaptability.


  • Scalability: HT/SC units come as 500m3 or 1,000m3 per day capacity and can work modularly for capacity growth
  • Mobility: Built to short lead times, HT/SC units are skid-based, 20-foot container spec’d and can be redeployed as water provisioning requirements change.
  • Serviceability: Hydrotech’s remote monitoring controlboard software minimizes full-time maintenance costs while also mitigating the potential for human error.
  • Adapability: HT/SC units can be spec’d for most all water types including with sandfilters, ultrafiltration and desalination units, as well as be customized for prefiltration purposes.