Management Team

Jean-Paul Pavlovic
Chief Executive Officer

As Hydrotech’s founder, Jean-Paul, has over 30 years experience as a multi-sector entrepreneur in water treatment, real estate and trading companies. Jean-Paul was responsible for the initial acquisition of Hydrotech and has overseen the formation of its subsidiaries and the development of its patent portfolio and technology. He has self-funded the majority of progress to its current state.

Timothy P. Kenny
President Business Development

Tim is a licensed US attorney with over 20 years of private law practice, prior to a 25 year association with the Jack Nicklaus organization. As Executive/Senior Vice President of Nicklaus, he led the Company worldwide, resulting in over 500 Golf Course Design contracts in 46 countries and 35 US states. Tim will serve as Chairman of International Property Investors (IPI), an affiliated company to Hydrotech based in Hong Kong and will be responsible for facilities acquisition and development and investor outreach.

Matthew Chung

Head of Strategic Planning

Matthew has spent 28 years in the banking and finance industry with specific experience in trade finance, credit/risk control and management. He was the CEO and General Manager of the Hong Kong banking branch, and also spent time as the CEO of a publicly listed industrial group. He is currently a Director of EuroPacific Investments Ltd.

Rudolf Keil
Head of Engineering and Technology

Rudolf, has more than 20 years experience in water treatment-related project management with specialization in automation and control software and ultrafiltration technology. Prior to joining Hydrotech, Rudolf was a manager at Haldex Brake Products, and before that, Managing Director of B+L Industrie Automation GmbH.