Hydrotech Subsidiaries

Hydrotech Africa is our subsidiary addressing the continent’s water stress and scarcity situation with scalable, low-cost water treatment solutions. Besides offering plant implementations ranging from modular, small-built plants for public utilities and private customers, Hydrotech Africa brings a unique understanding and relationship with development banks for public works projects funding possibilities.


Solutions is Hydrotech’s subsidiary where the evaluation of third party components is conducted and its purchasing arm of the supply chain is based.


Systeme is Hydrotech’s German subsidiary, specializing in 20-foot size water treatment container technology. Systeme works with a number of German alternative energy solutions providers to make solar and wind energy options available, as well as offering financing options for its container products.


If you would like to contact Systeme directly please email Detlef Schenk, Vorstand for general enquiries or Dirk Schmellenkamp for Investor Relations